Mold on a bedroom ceiling

Mold in the bedroom

Mold is not just nasty, but a health hazard too. Especially in the bedroom; after all, this is where you spend many hours a day. In this article, we'll go into why mold seems to like the bedroom environment and what you can do to remove and prevent it.

Mold in the bedroom – a particularly bad hazard

We are spending a fourth to a third of the day in the bathroom. That's what makes it one of the worst places for mold infestation, in regard to our health. It's important to act quickly: remove it, find out how it could get there in the first place, and change the conditions accordingly to make sure it doesn't come back.

What's particularly nasty about mold in the bedroom is the fact that it often cannot be detected right away. It may hide behind a curtain or the bed frame and grow there, all while emitting spores into the air. If the furniture is too close to the wall, the air circulation is obstructed, humidity (partly from breathing) gets stuck there, and that makes perfect living conditions for mildew. Night after night, we're breathing in mold spores without even noticing.

Prolonged and repeated mold spore exposure is a serious health hazard. It can lead to trouble breating, allergic reactions and other illnesses. When suspecting mold infestation, check behind interiour and furniture if there is any mold.

Woman looking at mold in a corner

Reasons for mold growth?

Low temperatures promote mold growth. Many people like cool temperatures where they sleep, which makes their bedroom cooler than their other rooms. The temperature is often serveral degrees lower than what people find comfortable in their living room or kitchen.

The low room temperature also leads to lower temperaturs of the wall surfaces. When the door to other rooms is open, warm air enters the room, gets cooloed down (and thus can hold less water), condensates and makes walls and fabrics damp. Perfect conditions for mildew. Heating the room or using a dehumidifier can help maintaining a desirable humidity level.

Another likely cause is a lack of air circulation. The exhaled air increases the air humidity over night, which can dampen the walls. What in combination with not airing the room regularly promotes mold growth. The same goes for poorly insulated outer walls or untight windows. Consider using a dehumidifier if that is the case.

Moldy matress

Removing mold in the bedroom

Regarding mold, we should pay extra attention in our bedroom, where we spend up to 8 hours per day. Mold should be removed quickly. There are several options on how to remove the mold. It can be removed using mold remover - spraying the infested spots with cloride or alcohol to kill its spores.

Wearing a mouth piece is advisable in order not to inhale any spores. If the infested area is rather large, it may be necessary to remove wallpapers and let the walls dry out. Still, visible mildew can already be carefully wiped off with hydrogen peroxide to lower the spore pollution in the bedroom while tearing off wallpapers.

Mold infestation should generally be dealt with swiftly, because it grow deep into the walls and make removal even harder. If you can't fix the problem yourself, hire a professional.

Mold being removed with gloves on

Prevent mold growth

Once the mold is gone, it's important to remove the conditions that caused it.

  • Air the bedroom with windows wide open for several minutes every day. Tilting the window does not suffice.
  • Don't let the room cool down. Heat it close to the temperature of adjacent rooms
  • In the morning, fold over the bed sheets and let them breathe. Let the humidity evaporate, or it will stay in the matress.
  • Condensed water forming droplets on windows should be wiped off.
  • Cupboards, beds and other bulky furniture should'nt be placed too close to the walls. Leave a gap to allow for some air circulation.

It is advisable to use a hygrometer to measure the air humidity. The humidity ideally stays between 40% and 60%. If necessary, a dehumidifier can lower it.

Mold next to a window frame